Thousands upon thousands of us are trying to earn an income with MLM.  Most of us won't make a DIME!

I used to think this was the ONLY way the "average Joe/Jane" could actually become wealthy.  But, with the FAILURE RATE being up to 99% (look it up) this option has been taken off the table.  I was DETERMINED that I was going to be that person that made my fortune with MLM, but after over THIRTY YEARS of trying - my dreams have been dashed (too many times to count). 

My suggestion:  Dump MLM, Get involved with CRYPTO!

I resisted crypto currencies because I thought that sooner or later, the various countries would outlaw it (some have tried).  Think about WHO controls the money - THE BANKS and those who control THEM.  So there's bound to be a LOT of resistance.  But, this technology makes it faster, simpler, and cheaper for a WORLD MARKETThink about the future ... would you want to use a currency that is made BY THE PEOPLE for THE PEOPLE or one that the various governments thought up?  Think about how little the dollar (or any of them) is actually worth now compared to just 10 years ago!  What will happen with those 20 years from now?

Ok, NOW it looks like you should avoid crypto's altogether, right?  Actually, no.  NOW is the time to get in cheap.  It's why I suggest going at this SMALL.  Sure, the market is REALLY volatile right now ... but if you wait until it settles down - you will have missed opportunities that may never come around again

Don't worry about knowing EVERYTHING (very few do).  Even if you don't plan on investing yet, you need to learn about it.  You need to get your feet wet NOW - while there are still fantastic opportunities and unbelievable growth possibilities.

I have included a link to a program I believe can help ALL OF US get into, and profit from crypto trading.  There is a 60 day money-back guarantee ON THE PRODUCT (NOBODY can guarantee your earnings).  I've also included a link to a FREE email newsletter.  These are what I'm using - there are probably hundreds of them out there.


CRYPO NEWSLETTER.  Free to join.  Great way to get started learning the ropes.  I use their info to research on the panel.  It's a free newsletter, but they will try to sell you things (of course).

CRYPTO PROPHECY control panel.  ($37 one time) This is access to a website that will give you ALL THE RESEARCH all in one place.  They DO NOT give specific buy-sell recommendations, but rather TRAIN YOU to know how and when to buy.  There are a LOT of videos - and webinars (and reading).  It's a one-time charge - for unlimited use.

NOTE:  Maybe it was just me, but It took me almost a week to get access to the website AFTER I spent my money!  Keep on them - it will be well worth the money and the delays.  This training is fantastic - and newbie friendly.  If you need more help, there are two OTO's - one of them gets you one-on-one coaching (I didn't do them).  The training I've gotten from the site has made me a believer - I know it'll make you one too.  In the mean time, get your crypto exchanges set up (you'll need these) - COINBASE, BITTREX and BINANCE (since it takes time to verify your accounts).